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Since 1972, geoscientists and industry leaders have used the technical and professional services of Vancouver Petrographics Ltd.

From preparing slide sections to in-depth petrographic analyses, we provide quick, confidential and courteous service with an emphasis on quality.


In addition to our full range of petrographic services, we have developed specialized techniques in the preparation of thin sections of unusual materials such as soluble minerals, soil, clay, fossils, archaeological artifacts and kimberlites.

Our team of experienced technicians and highly qualified petrographers are here to assist you. We have worked with just about every rock and industrial mineral, so you can rest assured, we have the knowledge and experience to tackle whatever your needs require.


Our Clients Include


The Geological Surveys of Canada, the United States, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. And their respective provincial, state, and region-based geological agencies.


Universities from around the world including Queen’s, Victoria, McGill, Laurentian, British Columbia, Calgary, Manitoba, Regina, McMaster, Ottawa, Toronto, McGill, California, Massachusetts, Indiana, Indiana State, Tennessee, Yale, Harvard, Iowa, Georgia, Texas, Alaska, Wisconsin, Copenhagen, Western Australia, Brazil, Athens, Italy, Geneva, France, Germany, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Iceland, Sweden, China, Africa, Cameroon, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, and Mexico.


Thousands of companies including industry-leading mining companies from around the world.


Our Petrographers

John Payne
Senior Petrographer Ph.D. (1966)
Senior Petrographer for Vancouver Petrographics since 1974.


Excellent working knowledge of volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits, porphyry Cu-Au deposits, vein, skarn deposits, PGE deposits.


Regional geological and property mapping since 1967.


Consultant since 1974, mainly in the North/South American Cordillera.


Major exploration property mapping and petrographic studies: Campo Morado area, Mexico (VMS); Britannia, B.C. (VMS); Delta District, Alaska (VMS), Cariboo area, B.C. (VMS); Stewart-Sulphurets-Iskut River, B.C. (Au-Ag); Casino, Yukon (Porphyry Cu-Au-Mo); Talcuna, Chile (vein and breccia Cu); High Andes, Argentina (bulk Au-Ag); Pedra Branca, Brazil (PGE); Calico, California (bulk Ag); and Pebble Deposit, Alaska (Porphyry Cu Au-Mo).

Craig Leitch
Senior Petrographer B.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. (1989)
Senior Petrographer for Vancouver Petrographics since 1986.


Exploration geologist since 1971. Experience in major exploration projects in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Iran, and Turkey.


Specializing in Porphyry Cu/Mo/Au, VMS, Sedex Zn-Pb-Ag, Cu, lode Au-Ag (epithermal and mesothermal), magmatic Ni-Co-PGM. 


Familiar with mafic/ultramafic chromite, chemical and clastic sediment-hosted Au, vein/stockwork Sn, skarn (W, Cu, Pb-Zn, Fe), REE carbonatite, uranium deposits.


Structural geologist mapping/consulting for major engineering firms since 1997 on major projects (mainly tunnels and tailings dam investigations) in Canada (Capilano-Seymour, Pingston, Sea to Sky Hwy, Kicking Horse Canyon, Galore Creek), Philippines (Casecnan), Argentina (Agua Rica), Greenland (Malmbjerg).


Research on Sullivan, B.C., Sheep Creek, Montana, Middle Valley (offshore black smokers), and Island Copper, B.C. at GSC, 1990-1995.


Taught ore petrology at University of British Columbia, Mining Geology at BCIT, 1985-1991; Introduction to Ore Deposits and Mineral Exploration at U.B.C. and Simon Fraser University, 1998-1999.


Cathy M. Hamel

B.Sc., M.Sc. (1985), P.Geo. 


Senior Petrographer for Vancouver Petrographics with solid working knowledge of volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits, porphyry Cu-Au deposits, PGE, and Sedex deposits.


25+ years of petrographic experience in the evaluation of igneous and metamorphic rocks as well as sandstone, carbonate, and mudstone reservoir systems in Canada [Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, Beaufort-McKenzie Basin, Eastern Canada including offshore Newfoundland (Orphan, Flemish Pass, Jeanne d'Arc Basins), Labrador Shelf & the Scotian Margin], South America (Columbia, Argentina, Brazil), Africa (Egypt, Chad), Mexico (PEMEX) and the United States (Gulf of Mexico).

Extensive field lithological/structural mapping of the Circum-Ungava meta-sedimentary belt, Cape Smith volcanic-meta-sedimentary foldbelt (Ni-Cu-Co, Pt-Pd) and the Abitibi Greenstone Belt.  Implemented mapping and surface drilling program to determine the extension of The Lac Short gold deposit (Matagami-Chibougamau belt).

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