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Petrographic Description Polished Thin Section

Detailed descriptions of polished thin sections in reflected light (for opaque minerals) and transmitted light.

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Petrographic Descriptions do not include sample preparations.

Detailed descriptions of polished thin sections in reflected light (for opaque minerals) and transmitted light. The basic cost per section includes ONE photograph. Please specify if photos are NOT required, otherwise they will be included.

Please supply as much geological information as possible and list any specific questions you have regarding the samples. The more information you give us, the more we will be able to help you. For example, inclusion of a sample location and geological map will allow us to interpret spatial and genetic relations between samples.

For a suite of samples, the report will include a summary (in which samples are classified and specific questions by the client are answered), detailed descriptions of each sample (some very similar samples may be grouped), and photographs accompanied by descriptions of the photographs. When enough background information is supplied by the client, the summary report also will include comments regarding genesis of the samples where appropriate.

Detailed descriptions include interpreted rock name, visual modal analysis, description of mineral texture, size, and alteration, texture and mineralogy of replacement patches and veins, deformational events, and relative ages of features. Photographs illustrate pertinent textures and mineral relations. Where possible, hypothesis of genesis will be made.

Identification of some minerals may require the use of the scanning electron microprobe or x-ray diffraction. Before doing such studies, we will advise you if they are appropriate for mineral identification in your samples and consult you regarding timing and cost.

For point counting or other non-standard presentation, please contact us for a quote.

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