Our team of experienced technicians and highly qualified petrographers are here to assist you.

Jim Montgomery
Lab Manager & Primary Contact Person 

Fabrizio Colombo

Senior Petrographer M.Sc., Ph.D. (1996), P.Geo.

Fabrizio has been a senior petrographer at Vancouver Petrographics since 2010. He has more than 15 years’ experience in petrographic analysis of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks, and geomaterials. Fabrizio has conducted petrographic studies in Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Central African Republic, China, Sri Lanka, Romania, Tunisia, Spain, Antarctica, and Italy. He has mapped and managed exploration projects for base and precious metals in Canada, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, China, Spain, and for industrial minerals in Italy, Tunisia, and Romania. He has applied petrography to the conservation and restoration of cultural materials; to environmental impact assessment and treatment of solid mine waste, and to the characterization of building stone, aggregate, and concrete.

He combines optical microscopy with electron optic analytical techniques (SEM-EDS and electron microprobe), cathodoluminescence, spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, and image analysis.

Visit his website: http://www.petrographically.com/

Craig Leitch

Senior Petrographer B.Sc., M.Phil., PhD. (1989)

Senior Petrographer for Vancouver Petrographics since 1986. Exploration geologist since 1971: experience in major exploration projects in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Iran and Turkey. Specializing in porphyry Cu/Mo/Au, VMS, sedex Zn-Pb-Ag, Cu, lode Au-Ag (epithermal and mesothermal), magmatic Ni-Co-PGM; familiar with mafic/ultramafic chromite, chemical and clastic sediment-hosted Au, vein/stockwork Sn, skarn (W, Cu, Pb-Zn, Fe), REE carbonatite, uranium deposits. Structural geologist mapping/consulting for major engineering firms since 1997 on major engineering projects (mainly tunnels and tailings dam investigations) in Canada (Capilano-Seymour, Pingston, Sea to Sky Hwy, Kicking Horse Canyon, Galore Creek), Philippines (Casecnan), Argentina (Agua Rica), Greenland (Malmbjerg). Research on Sullivan, B.C., Sheep Creek, Montana, Middle Valley (offshore black smokers), and Island Copper, B.C. at GSC, 1990-1995. Taught ore petrology at University of British Columbia, Mining Geology at BCIT, 1985-1991, Introduction to Ore Deposits and Mineral Exploration at U.B.C. and Simon Fraser University 1998-1999.

Jim L. Oliver
Senior Petrographer M.Sc., Ph.D. (1996)

Jim L. Oliver received his B.Sc. (University of British Columbia, 1982), M.Sc. (Queen’s University, 1985), and Ph.D. (Queen’s University, 1996) all in geology or geophysics.

He has applied his expertise in 25 countries and worked on or examined more than 400 mineral deposits or occurrences. He is a dedicated, energetic mineral explorationist and a pragmatic field geologist who routinely develops high-quality geological maps and formulates deposit scale alteration and structural models from macroscale and microscale observations.

Jim is currently the principle of Oliver Geoscience International Ltd. and a member of the Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia. In 2014, he was the recipient of the Barlow Medal for the CIM’s Best Geological Paper.

John Payne
Senior Petrographer Ph.D. (1966)

Senior Petrographer for Vancouver Petrographics since 1974. Excellent working knowledge of volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits, porphyry Cu-Au deposits, vein, skarn deposits, PGE deposits. Regional geological and property mapping since 1967. Consultant since 1974, mainly in the North/South American Cordillera. Major exploration property mapping and petrographic studies: Campo Morado area, Mexico (VMS); Britannia, B.C. (VMS); Delta District, Alaska (VMS), Cariboo area, B.C. (VMS); Stewart-Sulphurets-Iskut River, B.C. (Au-Ag); Casino, Yukon (Porphyry Cu-Au-Mo); Talcuna, Chile (vein and breccia Cu); High Andes, Argentina (bulk Au-Ag); Pedra Branca, Brazil (PGE); Calico, California (bulk Ag); Pebble Deposit, Alaska (Porphyry Cu Au-Mo).

Dan Marshall
Petrographer D.Sc. (1995)

Professor Economic Geology and Geochemistry: Simon Fraser University, 1998-present, Postdoctoral Fellow: Sudbury Igneous Complex, 1996-1997, D.Sc. Gold and Base Metal Deposits: Lausanne, Switzerland, 1995, M.Sc. Cobalt Silver Deposits: Carleton University, 1990.

Dan is the lead author on the Ore Mineral Atlas (2011, 2005) and has published a variety of peer-reviewed papers on ore and gem deposits worldwide. He has 25 years of experience studying the petrology and petrogenesis of ore deposits. Dan has also taught courses on ore deposits, fluid inclusions, ore petrology, gems and geochemistry at Simon Fraser and Carleton University as well as to industry. He has also acted as consultant for a number of exploration companies, and been principal investigator on Industry-Academia-Government projects. A more detailed CV is available on Dan’s home page.

Ingrid Kjarsgaard
Petrographer D.Sc. (1988)

Studied Mineralogy in Bochum and Freiburg, Germany, where she received her doctorate in Mineralogy and Petrography specializing in subduction relatedvolcanics and carbonatites. During her post-doc at Mainz University, Germany she studied alkaline volcanics, floodbasalts and mantle xenoliths, and gained experience in a wide variety of analytical techniques (ICP-AES, HPLC, mass spectrometry, EMPA). Since 1992 she has been consulting for the Geological Survey of Canada, provincial and territorial geological surveys and for industry clients.

She specializes in petrography, microphotography, microprobe analyses and mineral data interpretation of samples from a wide variety of ore deposits types (VMS, SEDEX, Ni-Cu-PGE, BIF, Au- and Ag-veins, rare element pegmatites and carbonatites), their alteration assemblages and host rocks, as well as meteorite impact rocks, igneous layered intrusions, and kimberlite indicator minerals.

Ingrid has taught igneous, metamorphic and ore petrology (including petrography) at Carleton University and Ottawa University and presently teaches gemology at Carleton University, where she is an adjunct professor.